Build Your Successful Coaching Practice: Summer 2015

This page is intended solely for the use of registered students in the summer 2015 Build Your Successful Coaching Practice Course.

Welcome to our course homepage! This is where you will find all the information you need throughout the course. 

I suggest that you bookmark this page so you can always have easy access to course information, resources, class materials, and links to live classes and recordings. I’ll post the recordings of our live class sessions here a few hours after each class; everything else is already here. Here’s to a great experience building your successful practice! — Lynda

Course Outline

 Course Outline Summer 2015

Live Session Access Information

To join each live class session with full audio and video access, go to

The link will go live 15 minutes before each class session, and we’ll begin right at noon.

If you don’t have access to the web during live sessions, you can listen in by phone, but I highly recommend web access if you can manage it. For audio access only, dial 323-920-0091, Access Code 323 7614

Suggested Pre-Work

To open the pre-work, just click the triangle to the left. To close it, click again.

Picture yourself a few months after the course. You’re building a successful coaching practice, and are well on your way to earning a great living doing work that you love. Now think about what’s different for you in that thriving near-future as compared to your situation right now. What are the key areas where you’ve increased your knowledge, learned new skills, or gained greater confidence, and how have you used them to make so much progress in so short a time?

Imagining yourself in that thriving future, take a few minutes to write down your answers to these two questions:

    • In what key areas have you gained knowledge, skills, and confidence?
    • What have all of those gains enabled you to do in the months following the course?

What you’re doing, of course, is identifying the key areas that you feel the need to master in order to build your successful practice, and picturing how you you would like to use your new knowledge, skills, and confidence to build the practice that’s right for you. I hope that clarity will be helpful to you as we go through the course.

It’s entirely up to you whether or not you share your goals and intentions with me. If you’d like to, please just send me an email (which I will keep private) any time before the course begins.

Class Materials

Recordings will be available a few hours after each class session. 

Class One: Coaching Business Basics 

Class 1 Presentation Slides
Action Worksheet 1a Establish a Solid Foundation
Action Worksheet 1b Find Your Fish
Build Your Successful Coaching Practice Quick Reference Guide
♦ Class 1 Recording ♦

Class Two: Services and Pricing  

Class 2 Presentation Slides
Action Worksheet 2a Get Beyond the Niche
Action Worksheet 2b Pricing
♦ Class 2 Recording ♦

Class Three: Websites that Work 

Class 3 Presentation Slides
Action Worksheet 3a Create a Purposeful Website
Action Worksheet 3b Website Checklist
♦ Class 3 Recording ♦

Class Four: Search Engine Optimization 

Class 4 Presentation Slides
Action Worksheet 4a Keyword Research
Action Worksheet 4b Working with an SEO Expert
♦ Class 4 Recording ♦

Class Five: Blogging, Email, and Social Media  

Class 5 Presentation Slides
Action Worksheet 5a Writing Blog Posts You’ll Be Proud Of
Action Worksheet 5b Essentials of Effective Content Marketing
♦ Class 5 Recording ♦

Class Six: Effective Consultations  

Class 6 Presentation Slides
Action Worksheet 6a Convert Consultations into Paid Coaching Engagements
Action Worksheet 6b Create Your Master Plan
♦ Class 6 Recording ♦


If you have great resources to share, please send them to me and I’ll post them here.

Liability Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance (This is who I use. I pay $250/year.)

Professional Liability Insurance Available to ICF Members 

Sample Coaching Agreement

Lynda Wallace Coaching Agreement

Logos and Graphics, freelancer directory, freelancer directory


WordPress Guide for Small Business, a must-read from Laura Roeder (although I think she makes it sound easier than it is to build your own site unless you’re quite tech savvy)

Gene Sower at Samson Media, built my site and did my SEO, freelancer directory, freelancer directory


Gene Sower at Samson Media, built my site and did my SEO

Beginner’s Guide to SEO, from Moz

WordPress SEO, from Yoast

Social Media

These are the best sources I know of for social media expertise. But please be careful of social media overwhelm.We’ll cover a manageable approach to social media in class five. My suggestion is that you not worry about about this before then because even if you decide to dive into social media, you’ll only end up on one or two of these platforms.

Laura Roeder, excellent blog on overall social media strategy

Mari Smith, excellent blog on Facebook marketing

Twitter for Business, excellent guide from Hubspot (which also has a very good blog)

Linked In Marketing Guide, very helpful from KissMetrics

How to Create a Google Plus Page, from Small Business Trends

Google Local, this is where you set up Google Local (you need to have a Google Plus business page first)