Coach Training Courses

While the heart of my work is one-on-one coaching, I also serve as a faculty member at Kripalu Institute, and as Director of the Coach Training Program at Wholebeing Institute, offering online and in-person courses for aspiring, new, and established coaches.  Our courses are offered in cooperation with the International Coach Federation, which offers CEC credits for completion. 

Positive Psychology Coaching Fundamentals

This live online course covers the essential evidence-based skills and concepts of positive psychology coaching as well as the CHANGE Model for structuring successful coaching engagements. It includes lectures, case studies, demonstrations, and optional weekly peer-coaching sessions. This program connects a wealth of positive psychology research to the practical skills students can use to help clients, colleagues, and others successfully make positive changes in their lives, work, health, and relationships.

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Positive Psychology Coaching Skill Building Intensive

This program offers you the opportunity to  develop fluency and confidence in the steps, skills, and techniques used to help others successfully pursue goals for positive change in their life, work, health, and relationships. The course includes extensive demonstrations and practice sessions, in which students rotate the roles of coach, client, and observer.

This course is offered online each spring and fall, and in person each summer. The in-person course is held at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, in the beautiful Berkshires.

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Building a Thriving Coaching Practice

This practical, action-oriented course is designed to help you earn a great living doing the work you love, whether you’re an experienced, new, or aspiring coach. Our comprehensive, step-by-step program walks you through every aspect of building your successful coaching practice.

When you register, you’ll have unlimited access to all program materials, including classes, slides, and worksheets, to learn and implement at your own pace.

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