A Practical Step-by-Step Program


Build your successful practice with:  

    √  Six weeks of live web-based video classes with what you need to know  

    √  Practical step-by-step worksheets for what you need to do  

    √  Opportunities for one-on-one interaction and feedback to help you put it all to work


I love being a coach. In fact, I love it so much that when I launched my coaching practice, I was absolutely determined to find a way to earn a living at it. And my practice has thrived since the very beginning. In fact, I earned six figures in coaching fees in my very first six months as a coach.

I earn a terrific living doing gratifying work that I love. And I’m often asked to explain how I’ve made such a success of it.

The short answer is that I know how business works, having earned an MBA from Wharton and spent twenty  years as an executive with Johnson & Johnson, including running a billion-dollar global consumer products business.  But that’s not the whole story. I’ve also learned a lot by researching, meeting with experts, trying things, building on what works, and changing what doesn’t. It all adds up to a fairly simple approach that has worked for me and for the many coaches I’ve coached through the process.

So I’ve decided to put everything I know about building a successful coaching practice into a course, and I’m about to offer it for the first time (at a special introductory rate). I’ll tell you just how I earned six figures in coaching fees in my first six months as a coach, and I’ll offer a step-by-step approach that you can put to work in your own practice.

The course will will be highly interactive, with six information-packed live web-based class sessions plus a variety of optional ways for you to connect one-on-one with your classmates and with me to help set your coaching practice up for success.

Everyone is welcome, whether you’ve had a coaching practice for years or are preparing to work with your first client.

Feb-2014-Course-Schedule_edited-2Class Sessions

Class 1: Earning a Living as a Coach

The essential steps of starting and running a profitable coaching practice, including registration, insurance, and taxes; plus the benefits and practicalities of establishing a presence as a local business, not just a virtual one.

Class 2: Crafting Your Offerings

Programs, pricing, and policies; plus getting comfortable boldly offering great services, figuring out their value, and confidently charging what they’re really worth.

Class 3: Optimizing Your Website

Websites that work and search engine optimization, including how to get your website in front the right people at the right time without advertising, and making sure your site does its job once they get there.


Class 4: Getting Social

Blogging and social media, including how I gained 40,000 facebook followers even though I’m not a reality TV star or a boy band, and how you can use social media to grow your practice and make the world a better place.

Class 5: Ramping Up

The essentials of effective offline marketing, including securing speaking engagements and teaching opportunities; plus how to offer consultations that enable you to convert prospects into clients and clients into advocates.

Class 6: Looking Ahead

Creating additional income streams, publishing your book, and managing your busy practice efficiently so you can spend your time doing this wonderful work that you love.


                                Six class sessions, 75 minutes each

All sessions live by webinar (with slides) or phone (with handouts)

Replays available in case you can’t make the live classes

handouts-worksheets-resourcesPlenty of time each week for Q&A and conversation

A weekly email from me to help you make the most of the program

Follow-up information from the previous class, including answers to questions we may not have gotten to in the live session

All of the slides I’ll be going through during the next class session

Practical worksheets to help you plan and implement the steps you’ll take to put the lessons to work in your practice


Options for Extra Feedback and Support

Weekly Partner Coaching Sessions

group-hugYou’ll have the opportunity to speak weekly to a classmate to help each other apply the course material and plan the steps to make your coaching practice a success. If you don’t want this extra support, you can opt out of these sessions at the start of the course.

Community Forum

We’ll have a private facebook page just for our class where you can choose to share ideas, questions, and links, plus get feedback on your website, programs, and other material.

Discounts on One-On-One Coaching

If you choose, we can schedule 30-minute one-on-one coaching sessions at a discounted rate where we’ll focus just on your individual coaching practice.


Course Instructor

When Lynda Wallace left her high-flying business career to become a Positive Psychology Coach, she was determined to figure out how to make a success of it right away. And that’s exactly what she did, earning six figures in fees for one-on-one coaching in her first six months.

Lynda holds an MBA from the Wharton School and spent twenty years as an executive with Johnson & Johnson, where she ran a billion-dollar global consumer products business. After leaving her business career to  study Positive Psychology and the science of effective coaching, she launched Lynda Wallace Coaching and Consulting, a thriving high-end career, life, and executive coaching practice in Montclair, NJ.

Lynda is the author of the #1 Amazon Self-Help bestseller A Short Course in Happiness, the creator of the coach training program at WholeBeing Institute, and a mentor to coaches across the country.



Comments from Students in Lynda’s Positive Psychology Coaching Course

“The materials, books, handouts, recordings, etc., were all great. I will be referring to them often in the future!”

“Lynda was a terrific teacher. She was so knowledgeable, prepared and willing to share her experience, as well as open to our suggestions with great enthusiasm.”

“It was a great overall experience.”

“The balance was great. Pace, material, theory vs application, time to reflect and chat… the prework, in-class lectures, and postclass work to tie in one week’s lesson to the next week’s… all worked beautifully.”

“Clearly she was dedicated to us having a positive learning experience. I appreciate her time and effort tremendously.”

“Very well organized. Presentation and content were straightforward, practical and applicable.”

“I appreciate the amount of content covered and the way it was delivered. The hand outs and recording really helped.”

“I thought it all was great. The peer sessions, the materials, and the calls.”

“I’ve wanted to move toward a private practice with a focus on career issues (my area of expertise) for many years. I think this course gave me the tools and courage to finally move in that direction. I felt and feel very supported by this community. Thank you!”

“I enjoyed it tremendously.”

“I appreciated the down-to-earth approach and how information was broken down into applicable coaching interventions. I also appreciated Lynda’s willingness to share her own experiences and show vulnerability, which allowed for better emotional connection.”

“Nothing more could be added, nor should anything be taken away. I loved the experience.”

“I appreciate Lynda’s thoroughness, enthusiasm, professionalism and caring.”


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